Passion Elec
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Start Mini Cameras design & production from 2009, peak capacity is 300kpcs/month, USA is main market.
Start Dash Cameras design & production from 2011, peak capacity is 200kpcs/month, Russia is main market.
Start Action Cameras design & production from 2013, peak capacity is 50kpcs/month, EU and USA is main market.
From 2014, Dash cameras and Action Cameras each half, monthly shipment is
100kpcs/month, EU, USA, South America is main market.
From 2015, our main focus is developing and producing Dash cameras and Action Cameras private tooling.
With steadily growing trend, we have great confidence to continue our success.
Passion Factory Tour:
2,000 sqm with 15 people in R&D team and 120 operators on the production lines;
We pass the inspection by Carrefour and have cooperation with brand like HYUNDAI,NAKAMICHI...
What Passion focus on:
ID Design, Quality, Price, Fast delivery, Long cooperation.